About Me

I grew up always being in the kitchen with my Grandma and I guess that is  the place where my culinary journey begins. The smell of the wonderful dishes that my grandma cooked awakes my senses and that was the place where my love of cooking that I am embracing in my life.

I am a book author for my first book Food Inspirations. I’ve hosted a radio show called Bon a petite and did my first Television Cook Show On The Go with Asian Food Channel . The Singing Chef comprises both Music and live cooking Demo is a fun interactive show me and my team created.

In every food your create bring therapy into our lives. I believe everyone can cook. The circle of life involves food and that brings many people together.

I hope to share my culinary journey with you with fun recipes and good cooking tips not forgetting some lessons in life ..

Live with a purpose and cook with love for your family and love ones…